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by DJ Symatic

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The aim of this project is to find new, original sounds to scratch with.
A lot of available scratch tools draw from a relatively small pool of sounds, and this limits the vocabulary of the end user.

The first few sounds on this sentence are what most people would consider 'standard' scratch sounds (Fab 5 Freddy's "Ahhh" & "Fresh", Busta Rhymes' "Breakin Shit Down To Molecules", Big Daddy Kane's "Cut Like A Guillotine").
After this "practice session", the sounds are sourced from different acapellas, intros, outros, classic scratch sentences, and in this edition they are all vocal samples.

This scratch tool is designed to be used with a Digital Vinyl System (DVS), such as Serato or Traktor, and Turntable with Ultrapitch capability (+/- 50% speed).

The sounds are sequenced at 133.33 bpm, so their tempo matches the revolution of the record.
This means if you look at the record like a clock, there will always be a sound starting at 12 o'clock.

The sounds are pitched up so that when they are played at -50% speed, they will play at their normal pitch.
This means more sounds can fit on each rotation of the record, and the sounds are closer together.

There are also 151bpm, and 99.99bpm versions of the sentence, for use with standard turntables with normal pitch range.

- 151bpm will play at approx 140bpm when the turntable is at -8%.

- 99.99bpm will correspond to the rotation of the record, except for each revolution the sounds get re-aligned back by a 1/4 bar.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
More scratch tools on the way!


released March 20, 2013



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